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Wodden Furniture


We are Indonesian Suppliers and manufacturs of antique reproduction furniture and outdoor furniture. Our furniture's have been made from teak wood, mahogany and other wood as custom order. Materials taken from reforestation source and selected base the best quality wood.

Before produce furniture, the wood will be processed by kiln dry to reach moisture content approximately 12-17 %MC. We always assured that every product sold by us meets the highest standard in raw material selection, crafting, and all the way through to detailed finishing. Coloring finish available from any kinds such as brown, walnut, cocoa, candy, dark red, etc. For top coat customer can choose teak oil, NC (nitrocellulose), melamine, wax, deco, polish, etc.

All of products will be produced by machinery and hand made. Ours employee tested and have high skill to be reliance for international market. They can combine the two skills (machine and sculpture) to create high end furniture.

Special order in any design can be made by request with free estimation quote. Designs can be made to buyer’s specifications. The furniture product we sell very competitive price, especially for wholesaler and retailer. Further negotiation is also available for large purchasing. We guarantee our furniture when the customer received crack or damage product with cutting price for repair cost or if this impossible we will replace the goods.

Many issue damage furniture come from humidity problem, mainly exchange place from tropical climate to cold or summer climate. That's why we check again MC and construction unfinished furniture before finish it. This way to keep stability of moisture content, if there is changing MC we can dry it again. With all system we have done, we can guarantee customer satisfaction will be reached. Our carving characteristic have been taken from Indonesia Jepara and Balinese furniture type.

With selected carefully, controlled by expert, upholstery furniture we use best fabric, velvet, leather and import textiles. There are many motif or design available as choice. About cushion foam, available for local and import also. The range price will be vary available from low price till luxurious price. We organize customer needed directly from raw material until ready on delivery.

We are concerning in creating quality products with suitable prices this way to be concern to cut the price our furniture in order can compete with other furniture seller. We tried to minimize cost to every process, this propose to reachable price for our valuable customer. As literature we have designed furniture in such nice that you can browse in this website.

Ours manufacture ranges of product such as armoires, bedrooms, bird cages, buffets, cabinets, chairs, chests, coffee tables, console mirrors, console tables, desk chairs, desks, dining chairs, dining tables, fireplaces, hallstands, mirrors, occasional, small tables, sofas, stools, tv cabinets, bars, children furniture. We also manufacturer rattans and outdoor furniture including bars set, benches, coffee tables & side, cushions, extending tables, fixed chairs, foldable & fixed tables, foldable chairs, loungers, reclining chairs, stacking chairs, trolleys. Also minimalist furniture such as: tables, sofas, hallstands, guests, dining chairs, desks office, chests, chairs, bookcases, beds and a lot more. We also provide synthetic rattan aluminum frame that can be complied with your necessity both indoor and outdoor.Synthetic furniture begin to be known on the world since professionals and business expert looking for furniture that strength to face sunlight and rain also.

To get price list please contact us then we will reply with the best price for wholesale. We have experienced, expert and professional in this field. So, our price very reliable and equivalent with the quality that customer needed, that was high end quality furniture. Beside working with wholesaler, reseller, or home owner, we also have been worked with architect, interior designer to handle hotel project, government project, and some other commercial project.

We have export furniture to many country in Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, and America. We only accept purchasing with minimum order 20 ft container, 40 ft container, and 40 ft high cube container. All product can delivered in unfinished (raw) or finish (upholstered/marble/glass/fitting). We provide discount price for a large purchasing. We always make newest product, you can look at it in our page, and get our new design products that you interest. On the end word, please enjoying browse our online Indonesia furniture collection.

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