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No more Static FBML? No problem.

Indonesian Exporter - Today is the last day administrators can build custom Facebook tabs using the Static FBML application.

The application so many used to create custom tabs will no longer be supported by Facebook, starting March 11. Current instances of the application will continue to work but any similar customization of a Facebook page will have to come another way.

No problem. There are several new applications already filling the void.

Custom landing tabs for Facebook pages are a great way to drive traffic, increase a fan base and reward those for “liking” content. So it’s great news that one doesn’t have to become a computer programmer overnight just to make one work.

Here’s a couple of applications I’ve found that still make creating custom tabs easy:

iFrames for Pages

The iFrames for Pages application comes from Wildfire, a Palo Alto-based company dedicated to developing applications to help organizations promote themselves on the social web.

The iFrames for Pages app is easy to install and easy to understand. Essentially, it allows users to create a “fan gate.” The gate allows administrators to present different content for fans and non-fans. Fan-only content is made available only to those who “like” a page.

Administrators who install the app can choose what to display for each audience: a custom image or custom HTML. Adding either is easy.

Static HTML for Pages

Static HTML for Pages was developed and is supported by Involver, a social marketing platform that powers more applications on Facebook than any other company.

Administrators using Static HTML for Pages need only to cut and paste HTML code into the interface. The application is similar to iFrames for Pages in that it allows administrators to display the HTML to everyone or to Fans Only. The advantage Static HTML for Pages holds over iFrames for Pages, however, is that it makes it easier to rename the tab whatever the user should choose.

It should be noted, however, that both applications come with a caveat: Adding either program will let it pull your page’s profile information, photos, friends’ info, and other content that it requires to work. It will also add a box to your page and can publish Feed stories about your page.

It’s a similar concession made for most other applications and if the application can help make your life easier perhaps the subsequent sales pitch e-mails are well worth the trouble.

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